IT Vendor Management

Seven out of 10 IT leaders (71 percent)state they spend up to half of their total budget on external/service providers

CIO Magazine

What does this trend mean for small and mid-sized businesses?

As business processes increasingly rely on IT service providers, small businesses will be forced to take on additional negotiating, procurement, and performance management functions.

Vytekk provides trend forward IT Vendor Management that aligns your IT partnerships with your business initiatives. Leveraging our senior talent will ensure that you are reducing risk to your business and controlling your bottom line.

Partner and Application Selection

IT procurement is a challenging task for every sized company. Selecting the right partner and technology that meets your actual business needs while controlling costs is critical to stay competitive. Vytekk offers a complete Application Selection program to help your business achieve its objectives.


Evaluating potential risks associated with utilizing an IT partner or application needs to be a part of every organization’s IT Vendor Management strategy. Being too dependent on any application or vendor that does not encompass business continuity planning could be debilitating to your business should any disruption or missed commitment occur.


IT partners should be just that, partnerships for mutual success. Negotiating contracts and managing to performance standards help ensure that the benefits derived from the relationship are not one-sided to the vendor.

Vendor Performance

Vendor partnerships and applications should add value not chaos to your organization. Poor business continuity can cause disruptions in customer service and internal operations.

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