IT Project Management

We provide experienced IT project management experts to help you execute your initiatives. Experienced program and project management will help ensure that you meet your deadlines and prevent project overrun costs.

When projects and initiatives are improperly deployed the effects to your business can be crippling. Projects can stall, consultant costs increase, and your employees lose faith in the new system. Weak project management can increase costs by as much as 20% over the life of the project.

Our Model

IT project management process steps infographic

Projects fail or incur additional implementation costs due to:

People: Not engaging the right resources – both technical and non-technical subject matter experts, planning for a scarcity of resources and time dedicated to the project.

Process: Not managing to rigorous project management principles, improper planning for the initiative that includes accounting for compliance, resource availability, analysis of data, and strong countermeasure processes.

Communications: Failure to provide proper transparency
of project status and impacts of delivery, missed milestones, and critical success factors.

Interdependencies: Missed assessment of impacts across the organization when business processes and technologies change, failure to engage and plan for making business processes changes across multiple departments to support the project.

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